Welcome to Online Registration for Non-Matriculated Students

Arts, Sciences, and Engineering  

Please be sure you have completed the registration account application if you have not registered for courses at the University before.

If you are participating in the Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) Inter-Institutional program DO NOT register as a Non-Matriculated student. You MUST follow the procedure located here

Eastman School of Music

On-line registration for non-matriculated students at the Eastman School of Music is not available at this time. Please contact the Eastman Registrar's Office at 585-274-1220 or registrar@esm.rochester.edu

The School of Nursing

Available courses and on-line registration for non-matriculated students at the School of Nursing is available at https://son.rochester.edu/academics/non-matriculated/index.html. Please contact the registrar at SONRegistrar@urmc.rochester.edu with any questions.

Warner School of Education

Non-matriculated Warner students cannot yet utilize online registration. Please contact the Warner School Registrar at registrar@warner.rochester.edu or 585-273-3383 to receive registration materials.

A Note about HOLDS:  
ALL holds must be satisfied before registration. You will be alerted to outstanding holds prior to entering the registration session.  

I agree that I am responsible for the truth and accuracy of all information I provide.  I further acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all registration decisions that I am about to make.  I acknowledge that the University and programs do not guarantee that courses I complete as a non-matriculated student will be accepted as coursework toward a degree program to which I may apply in the future.

I certify that I am financially responsible to the University of Rochester for all charges incurred during the time I attend the University, and that this Agreement will remain in effect for that period. I further certify that should my student account not be kept current in accordance with this Agreement, any past due amount will be considered an unpaid educational loan/benefit that needs to be repaid as expeditiously as possible. I further understand that the University may curtail my ability to register for future semesters, as well as to obtain transcripts, diplomas, and on-campus housing. I acknowledge the University's right to assess collection and legal fees should my student account remain unpaid at the time I leave the University. I understand that I am obligated to pay any tuition, fees, collection or legal costs on my account.
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